1. Super Hardware

Firm and beautiful, all 304 food grade thickened stainless steel.

Materials and accessories -- solid and not rusty,

Green adhesive strip -- healthy and durable

2. Super glass

Safe and easy to clean, unique 3CS automotive grade safety.

Toughened glass, externally bonded with explosion proof membrane,

Miyi clean coating.

3. Super patent

No trace installation patent, magic screw support technology

Let's get out of the bathroom!

4. Super custom

Exclusive custom service, making every shower product become a product.

You have a unique view of bathroom space, and all of them are full of haste.

Flow through!

5. Super service

Installation service evaluation

Blue dream bathroom industry first installation satisfaction service evaluation

System allows you to enjoy five star service experience.

6. Super quality assurance

Whole house 5 years warranty

Glass is not damaged for life.